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Alter Generation is a family-run business that specialises in power generation. Our team offer comprehensive knowledge and experience to ensure all our clients receive the professional generator services they deserve. We provide all Australian industries that need power, lighting, and air solutions, especially for the mining and construction sectors. 


Peter Weatherley

Director & Owner

About the Owner

Peter Weatherley has in-depth electrical experience with over 25 years working on large projects in New South Wales and Queensland. His electrical career has led him to specialise in power generation and diesel engines with extensive knowledge on 1KVA to 20MVA generation equipment, inspiring the beginning of Alter Generation.

Peter started his new business, Alter Generation, in June 2020. He recognised a high demand for generator supply to Australian worksites, with apparent insufficiencies across all industries, especially mining and construction. With a clear focus on generator solutions, Peter formed a team with experience and professionalism to provide friendly service and quality generator equipment to his customers Australia wide. With training in business management, Peter is determined to expand Alter Generation’s reach and form healthy customer relationships.

The Alter Generation team

Alter Generation has the diversity and qualifications within its team to provide quality services in the office, workshop and on-site. Whether it’s someone answering the phone, performing maintenance or delivering to the site, Alter Generation can guarantee our family-run business will provide the best professional service you deserve.


The Alter Generation team has years of experience within the electrical and equipment procurement fields, allowing us to provide efficient and effective results for our clients. As a collective, we have the confidence to supply the correct generator equipment at competitive rates, to please project schedules and budgets. Peter’s comprehensive power generation knowledge is complemented perfectly by Phil’s equipment rental management expertise, with his 30 years of invaluable experience.

What we offer

Alter Generation has a collection of portable generators, lighting towers, diesel generators, and air compressors to fulfil our clients’ power, lighting, and air requirements. We offer short-term hire, long-term hire and equipment procurement options depending on equipment availability and intended purpose. All our equipment is from trusted brands and is well maintained to provide reliable and quality generating equipment to our support industries.

Alter Generation also offers our expertise and assistance when selecting the right generator for your worksite. We calculate and assess the power, lighting or air needs and offer generator solutions to help your business achieve the desired outcomes.

Our equipment

Diesel Generators
Portable Generators
Air Compressors
Diesel Generators

Our services

Rental services

Equipment sales

Personal customer assistance

Continuous equipment support


When we had issues with the remote starting of our backup generators at our resort and we needed someone asap, so that we could make sure that our guests were never inconvenienced with any power loss. Peter and his team arrived quickly and diagnosed the issue. They sourced all the parts and had them fitted promptly.
Sheps (General Manager)
Freedom Shores Resort
We'd been looking to purchase a used generator for backup power for our business We gave the guys at Alter a call and they came out to site to discuss our needs and requirements. After speaking with both Peter and Phil we purchased a 500kVA unit and had them make some modifications to the unit to meet our specific needs. Installation went smoothly and now we feel better knowing that we have a dependable backup power supply for our business.
We run a Dog Boarding business that totally depends on continuity of our electrical supply to care for our resident dogs. Loss of power puts the animals lives at high risk. After we experienced significant storm damage which was then compounded by an incompetent local electrician., we found ourselves in an very difficult position and we needed help quickly and efficiently. Basically we had lost the majority of our electricity supply infrastructure. Another business recommended Peter from Alter Generation who turned out to be a “godsend”. Not only did Peter respond to our cries of help immediately he was on our doorstep after travelling all night to scope the property and work out an action plan. The final outcome involved replacing our standby generator, replacing hundreds of metres of underground cable and rewiring and upgrading our mains board and other subboards. Peter in our experience is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled electrical contractor. His pricing was very reasonable and attention to detail is without fault. He is not happy until every problem has been sorted and his customer is 100% satisfied. I can not rate him highly enough. Also he is just a really nice guy and genuine human being.
Graham & Diane
Kuranda Pet Resort

OMG OMG OMG is all I can say about Alter Generation. Peter is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever delt with. I mean honest, respectful and amazingly helpful. Only a new business in the Townsville and North Queensland region but this guy with his expertise and range of power generation equipment is second to none. If you're in doubt about what you need for your work site or party Peter is the man to talk to. Friendly is an understatement. If he can't help you no one can. I had my wedding in may 2021 and needed power Generation to make it happen. Peter was like a long lost brother and helped me beyond anything imaginable. The thankless acts and generosity of this amazing individual I can never repay. The human spirit is alive and present at Alter Generation. If it's power Generation you need then give Peter a call, you'll thank God after you do!! WORD.....
Steven Anderson

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