Alter Generation provides a variety of generator-powered air compressors to Australian industries needing air solutions. When you contact our Townsville office, one of our friendly Alter Generation staff will answer your queries and give you all the air compressor information you need.

We have air compressors of different sizes available for hire, and we can point you in the right direction of which unit will suit your requirements. Our diesel generators that generate high-pressure air are well maintained and serviced to ensure when you hire an air compressor from Alter Generation; it will be reliable and powerful. 

Air compressor applications




Construction sites

Spray painting



Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Pressure washing

Energy sector

Alter Generation supplying worksites Australia wide

Alter Generation will travel Australia wide to deliver, service and repair our diesel air compressors that we supply. We are happy to take the responsibility away from our customer as we have the resources at hand to maintain our air compressor safely and efficiently.

If we deem the air compressor unserviceable, Alter Generation will happily change out the faulty air compressor. This will allow for the work to carry on safely with minimal delay to your work schedule.

Diesel air compressor benefits:

Serviced and repaired by our qualified service technicians

Although light towers are robust and durable, the harsh environments and continuous use tend to cause equipment wear. Light towers need professional attention from qualified personnel to rectify wiring faults and repair structural defects that vibrations and manoeuvering can cause. Light tower generators also need regular servicing from a qualified service technician, which Alter Generation supplies.

When hiring a light tower from Alter Generation, the maintenance and repairs are left to us, taking away the possibility of additional work on top of your extensive workload. Alter Generation implements preventative maintenance and servicing schedules of all our light towers. 

Our comprehensive inventory helps us keep on top of all our hire equipment to ensure that a dependable and functioning product is supplied when a business hires from Alter Generation.

Contact Alter Generation for an air compressor quote today

When creating a quote for air compressor hire, we consider all equipment hire factors. This includes the location and purpose of use, estimated running needs, hire length and air power requirements. This information enables us to offer the most cost, energy and fuel-efficient airpower option for your business.

The family-run Alter Generation can provide a quote to supply the air compressor requirements that your worksite needs.

Call or email Alter Generation today for a tailored quote for your air compressor needs.

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