Alter Generation specialises in diesel generators, with a team that has many years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing industrial generators. The standalone units produce stable and consistent power to the setting they are used. 

Diesel generators are durable and can withstand the harsh Australian conditions that many construction, mining, engineering and maintenance projects encounter. Alter Generation offers diesel generators of the highest quality from trusted brands to ensure our client has a reliable power supply to complement their work objectives.

Diesel generators applications

Diesel generators can be used singularly or as a collective to be the primary power source in remote camps and worksites that are not connected to main power grids. Companies can also use them to run isolated machinery such as water pumps. A diesel generator is also the quintessential power backup to essential services like RO plants, first aid clinics, campsites, kitchen facilities and processing plant.

Examples of diesel generator applications:

The benefits of diesel generators

Durable and reliable

Diesel generators are the standard choice for industrial use due to their durability and reliability. Alter Generation’s diesel generators are the best-fuelled generators for Australia’s harsh and diverse conditions.

Low maintenance

Diesel generators require relatively low maintenance, with fewer components like spark plugs and carburettors, which other alternative fuelled generators have. Alter Generation maintains our diesel generators to the highest standards, with periodic servicing for trustworthy operation.

Safer option

Although diesel is flammable, it has a lower igniting risk compared to other combustible fuels. In general, diesel is the safer fuelled generator option when in operation and on standby, with diesel also a safer fuel when stored.

Load capacity

The substantial load capacity of a diesel generator means greater power output to supply your worksite. Not only do diesel generators have impressive load capabilities, but they also can run for extended periods if refuelled and maintained correctly, therefore, less operating interruption.

Fuel efficient

Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than other generator options. For example, diesel generators use approximately half the fuel when operating under the same load, time, and conditions as petrol generators. Fuel-efficient diesel generators are also more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Long life span

Due to their robust build and simplified components, diesel generators have a long life span when maintained correctly and serviced regularly. A generator’s life span can change considerably, but for a like for like comparison, a diesel generator has a lifespan three times longer than a petrol generator.

Alter Generation is your diesel generator specialist

Alter Generation has comprehensive diesel generator experience, which helps us deliver adequate power to our clients effectively. Alter Generation can calculate the best diesel generator arrangement to provide dependable and efficient power using the estimated load demands. Contact Alter Generation as we strive to provide the power solution Australian companies need with our diesel generators.

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