Generator Hire

Alter Generation has a comprehensive range of generators available for hire to all Australian companies, especially those in the construction and mining industries. Our team has vast experience in the power generation field, which allows us to provide power solutions to all who need our services. Alter Generation calculates load demands to supply our customers with the best generator hire option for the intended purpose.

When hiring a generator from Alter Generation, you are sure to receive a generator that is well maintained and of a reputable brand. We also acknowledge that our customers will operate many of our generators in the harsh environments that come with Australian construction, engineering, maintenance and mining projects; therefore, we only offer units that can withstand these diverse conditions.

Alter Generation - hiring generators to Australian worksites

Alter Generation is based in Townsville; however, we hire generators to all businesses around Australia seeking power solutions. We deliver our generators far and wide and offer our customers continuous generator support on all our hired equipment. This reduces the stress and cost to our clients and ensures that all our generating equipment integrity is kept.

Understanding the power demands and supplying the equipment to Australian worksites to produce adequate results are the challenges that Alter Generation can confidently overcome. Not only will we satisfy your power needs, but we will offer various possibilities to suit worksite settings and customer preferences. 

For example, multiple diesel generators allow running and load flexibility but require more refuelling, maintenance and floor space; therefore, a client may opt for a singular larger unit and accept the limitations and possible work interruptions when servicing. Alter Generation has the generators to cater for all companies, in all industries, all over Australia.

Serviced and repaired by our qualified service technicians

The generators we have available for hire are rugged and robust; however, the continuous use in the severe and variable Australian conditions can cause generator defects and faults. Generators should be repaired by qualified personnel only, and Alter Generation has the right expertise to ensure all repairs are done professionally. 

Whether it be a wiring fault due to generator vibrations and maneuvering, a mechanical defect from intense and constant use or power output issues, Alter Generation will be able to resolve the problem promptly.

Generators also require regular servicing, which Alter Generation also performs. Our qualified service technicians follow preventative maintenance and servicing schedules to ensure all our generators are at their optimum. With the help of our comprehensive inventory, Alter Generation ensures that when a business hires a generator, it will provide the reliable and consistent power expected.

Alter Generation has the resources to repair, service and maintain our generators using the correct parts to assure equipment performance. If we cannot repair or guarantee the correct performance of the generator hired, Alter Generation will swap out the faulty generator to limit the inconvenience to our client and the interruption to the project.

Portable Generators for hire

Alter Generation has portable generators in various sizes that we can match to your requirements. Portable generators are valuable on-site assets that can be beneficial in many circumstances across all industries.

Applications of portable generators

Emergency response

Portable generators are vital in an emergency to provide power when unavailable due to the emergency location or the necessary isolation.

On the job

Portable generators save time and money to complete a job where mains electricity is unavailable, lead runs become impractical or extra power is required to support a larger workforce.

Computer backup

Portable generators can be used as power backup to re-energise computer systems to promptly minimise project delays and return vital online correspondence.

Immediate response

Portable generators are easy to transport and set up, meaning they are ideal in power interruptions as an immediate response to keep essential equipment and services running.

Food preservation

Portable generators are the peace of mind equipment for camp kitchens that cater to many workers in remote camps to ensure kitchen staff can preserve all food in a power outage.

Diesel Generators for hire

Diesel generators are standard in many industries, including construction and mining. They can be used singularly or as a collective depending on the load demands and the purpose of use.

Applications of diesel generators

Power plants

Diesel generators can be used as a collective to provide mass power to entire infrastructures, such as a mining camp or a processing plant.

Essential services backup

Diesel Generators are crucial during power outages to ensure essential services can continue to operate for the safety of the people and equipment on site.


Diesel generators often replace site power due to the necessary switchboard isolations in shutdowns to provide the power needed for the work to be accomplished.

Mining camps

Diesel generators, either used as a primary or backup supply, ensure workers have the basic living conditions in mining camps when working away from their loved ones.

Drilling exploration

Diesel generators are vital for the drilling exploration teams working in remote locations, providing power at the drilling site and base camp.

Contact Alter Generation for a generator quote today

The experienced and professional Alter Generation team will determine the load demands needed to give the best generator outcomes for your business and quote accordingly. When generating a quote, we consider all aspects of the proposed generator hire including, the location and purpose of use, estimated running needs, hire length and load demands. 

This information enables us to offer the most cost, energy and fuel-efficient power option for your business.

Call or email Alter Generation today for a tailored quote for your generator power needs.

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