Generator maintenance is crucial to ensure generators perform at the level expected consistently and continuously. Alter Generation undertakes regular inspections and servicing as a part of our preventative maintenance plan to ensure all our generator equipment is reliable and efficient when in operation.

Alter Generation also understands the importance of generator start-up reliability for our generators used as backup equipment. In a power outage or emergency, Alter Generation equipment must be readily available to achieve the power demands at a moment’s notice. We acknowledge if our generator equipment is not maintained correctly, they may fail to supply the power our client needs, adding further stress to the situation.

Alter Generation generator service technicians

Our generator service technician will periodically perform maintenance checks and servicing on all our generator equipment to ensure efficient performance. We will also complete all required tasks with minimal interruption to power, lighting and air requirements to allow our clients to continue their work.

Whether our generators are in the workshop or on-site, our generator service technicians have the expertise to maintain our equipment professionally and safely. We understand the significant role our generators play in the field and also the need for equipment reliability.

The generator types Alter Generation supplies

Generators require periodic inspection and routine servicing to perform at the optimum level. Alter Generation follows preventative maintenance and servicing schedules to ensure all our generators get the attention they need. Our generator service technicians carry out monthly, quarterly and annual generator maintenance inspections and servicing, along with the necessary run-time milestone maintenance.

Physical and visual inspections

Physical and visual inspections are done to ensure all generator parts are in good working condition and that there are no obvious defects. Identifying a potential issue before it occurs can save inconvenient downtime that can affect project schedules and budgets and prevent possible generator damages.

Examples of physical and visual inspections:

Examples of battery inspections:

Battery inspection

Battery failure can be a common problem, especially for generator equipment on standby for long periods. Alter generation understands the importance of a healthy battery and performs battery inspections as part of its maintenance plan.

Oil and filter servicing

Oil and filter servicing is a vital part of the Alter Generation maintenance program to ensure our generators operate effectively and efficiently. Our generator service technicians carry out scheduled changes and record all service details to create a thorough service history. 

Examples of oil and filter service:

Alter Generation undertakes regular inspections and servicing

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