Generator Repair

Alter Generation prides itself on providing generators from trusted brands and of the highest quality. However, like all industrial equipment that includes mechanical and electrical components, faults and defects can occur under heavy loads and in extreme conditions. 

The Alter Generation team is confident we can repair all generators needing our attention and ensure they will return to the field to provide the reliable and consistent power, lighting, or air supply expected. 

We have the qualifications and expertise for generator repairs

Alter Generation electricians

Electrical faults in generator equipment are often caused by the constant running vibrations and the context in which the generator needs to perform. Alter Generation electricians can rewire any damaged internal control wiring safely and aligned to manufacturers wiring diagrams. We can also replace any control components, switches and sensors that may have failed while in service.

Alter Generation diesel mechanics

Mechanical defects may transpire from intense and constant generator use, equipment misuse or external factors. All mechanical components have their limits, and when limits are exceeded, damages will occur. 

Alter Generation diesel mechanics have the experience to find the defect and rectify it safely. We have the mechanical knowledge and skills to remove and replace damaged parts while also analysing why the problem occurred and implementing changes to avoid recurring defects.

Troubleshooting a fault or defect

Alter Generation does not underestimate the necessity of troubleshooting to understand the cause of a fault or defect. This allows our qualified personnel to not only fix the issue in the best possible way but also helps us to prevent the problem from reoccurring. 

Our extensive generator experience is invaluable in the troubleshooting process, and we believe we can determine the cause of all generator failures that arise.

Routine repairs

Many repairs that Alter Generation must undertake are considered routine and arise from the heavy loads, and harsh conditions our generators operate under. Our qualified personnel can do these repairs safely and efficiently with minimal interruption to project schedules and budgets.

Examples of parts requiring routine repairs:

Examples of parts requiring extensive repairs:

Extensive repairs

In some circumstances, generators need extensive repairs due to a significant generator failure. Extensive repairs usually lead to the generator being offline for long periods or the generator equipment taken out of service. Alter Generation can supply back generator equipment to businesses whilst extensive repairs are performed.

Alter Generation has the repair resources and qualifications

Alter Generation has the resources and qualification to repair our generator equipment using authentic parts to assure equipment performance. 

If we cannot repair it within a reasonable time, Alter Generation can provide replacement equipment as a backup. This will limit the inconvenience to our client and the interruption to their project.

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