Alter Generation offers our clients a comprehensive and professional generator service to ensure our generators achieve the intended purpose and deliver complete customer satisfaction. 

We understand that when a business utilises our generator service, they trust we will provide the generator results they need to progress their project. We do not underestimate the importance of our role to their success with our reliable power, light or air generators critical to onsite safety and work outcomes.

Our extensive power generation expertise

Alter Generation has extensive power generation expertise, which allows us to recommend the best generator solutions for your circumstances. In some situations, there may be one clear and obvious option to solve your power, light or air deficiencies, and we will supply equipment accordingly. 

In contrast, particular requirements can be provided in various ways, using different size and quantity of generators to suit the surroundings and purpose.

For example, a collective of smaller diesel generators offers operating and load flexibility but requires more refuelling, maintenance and floor space. In comparison, a larger generator is easier to position and maintain and has higher load capacity; however, it has limitations and creates possible supply interruption when servicing and unexpected shutdowns occur. 

We deliver generators safely and promptly

Alter Generation strives to deliver our generators to our Queensland customers within 24 hours of equipment request, depending on availability. We understand on many occasions, our equipment will be needed when an unexpected outage occurs or an unplanned demand is acknowledged. 

Therefore our generator equipment is suddenly required to supply the power, light or air needed to solve the shortage that has arisen.

Alter Generation treats all our generators with great care, and that is no different when our generators are in transit. Our generators are loaded and secured confidently to ensure the integrity of our equipment is not compromised due to the vibrations and movement that comes with equipment logistics. We will deliver the generator you need promptly and safely and will check correct equipment performance on arrival.

Our qualified generator service technicians

Alter Generation’s generators are of the highest quality; however, under heavy loads, with continuous use, and in the harsh Australian conditions, generator defects and faults can occur. Alter Generation has qualified generator service technicians to carry out repairs professionally and safely. 

A wiring fault caused by generator vibrations, a mechanical defect from excessive use or a power output fault can all be fixed by Alter Generation’s qualified generator service technicians.

Generator servicing is carried out routinely to ensure all Alter Generation equipment performs to its full capabilities. Our qualified generator service technicians carry out preventive maintenance and milestone servicing with the guidance of our generator inventory. 

Alter Generation has the means to repair and service our generators using authentic parts and methods to assure equipment performance.

Alter Generation service, 24/7

Alter Generation is here for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer over the phone assistance to help troubleshoot any generator problems and to talk through generator solutions that we can provide. 

Alternatively, we can come to the worksite within 24hours to rectify a breakdown or deliver our trusted generator equipment as requested.

We are confident we have the used generator solutions for your business. Contact Alter Generation today to learn about our used generator hire possibilities and sale opportunities.

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