Alter Generation is a family-owned Australian business that is here for your generator needs. We have a vast range of portable generators, diesel generators and generator-powered light towers to supply Australian industries.

Generators are our speciality, and with our professional expertise, we can deliver generating equipment to support construction, mining, engineering and maintenance projects Australia wide.

Alter Generation offers generating services confidently, knowing that our generator range can handle the various conditions and environments our geographically diverse country produces. 

The durability and reliability of our generators make them an ideal option for all companies that need a dependable power supply to complement their workforce or provide immediate power support in the event of an emergency or power outage.

Using reputable generator brands

Alter Generation only uses reputable brands to provide a reliable and consistent generator to our clients. We undertake brand and product research before procurement as we want the generators we offer to reflect our professionalism and dependability. 

So when your business receives a generator from Alter Generation, we guarantee the equipment is from a trusted and respected generator company.

Alter Generation also verifies that all parts are readily available and authentic before purchasing a particular generator brand to ensure generator performance and integrity is optimum when maintenance and repairs are performed. 

Using reputable generator brands and with quick access to parts allows the Alter Generation team to offer our clients the continuous support and generator expertise they deserve.

Generator brands Alter Generation uses:

The generator types Alter Generation supplies

The generator types Alter Generation supplies

Portable Generators

Portable generators are a worksite necessity to help a company get through planned and unplanned circumstances. The flexibility of a portable generator allows it to be used in many situations to limit prolonged powerless periods that can lead to schedule delays and financial damages. 

Portable generators are user-friendly and are easy to transport, with the crucial power equipment being precisely what your worksite needs to get your job started or back on track.

Alter Generation understands the benefits of a portable generator to a business and will help our clients select a portable generator to fulfil the power needs. Our generators can be used to energise computers, appliances and light machinery through a blackout. They are a vital element in an emergency, storm or natural disaster situation. 

This is an essential asset to provide power to a job in a remote location. Whatever the need, Alter Generation can calculate load demands and supply to suit. Our rugged and dependable portable generators are well maintained and ready to be used on all Australian worksites.

Examples where portable generators are vital:

Examples where light towers are beneficial:

Light towers (generator powered)

Alter Generation has a range of light towers that allows us to provide lighting solutions to all industries across Australia that need our assistance. We offer reputable light towers that are well maintained, with the inbuilt generators serviced regularly by our qualified service technicians. 

Our light towers are durable to suit the harsh Australian conditions and are portable to be used in countless scenarios. Our industry experience allows us to supply your business with adequate worksite lighting using one or multiple Alter Generation light towers.

Light towers can quickly and easily change a dark and hazardous space into a well lit and safe working environment. No training is needed to operate a light tower; therefore, all users can follow the straightforward step by step instructions provided to position and operate the light tower as required. 

Light towers are ideal for remote work where mains power is unavailable and in locations where the work is temporary or continuously moving. Additionally, light towers can complement fixed lighting that produces dark spots and are valuable onsite assets during power outages.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators are our speciality, and we supply our clients with the confidence our diesel generators are dependable and well-maintained. Our diesel generator range allows us to offer the right size unit for the task your business needs to achieve. 

Alter Generation only stock the best and most trusted generator brands, maintained and serviced by our qualified and experienced service technicians. We know each individual diesel generator’s capabilities and will provide our client with the most suitable option.

Diesel generators are a vital power source for many industries around Australia. They can be used as a collective, for example, as a power station to run a mining processing facility or to operate a dewatering pump station in an open cut mine. 

Diesel generators are also beneficial when power is only needed for a particular purpose, such as road infrastructure projects, shutdowns and drilling exploration sites. Undisputedly, diesel generators are a vital commodity as a backup power solution, so essential services and equipment can continue to operate in the event of a power interruption.

Examples where diesel generators are applied:

Alter Generation has the generator solutions for you

When contacting Alter Generation, your generator query will be answered personally by a member of our family-run business. 

Our extensive generator experience ensures the best advice and suggestions are provided to all who wish to use the Alter generation services. Contact Alter Generation today as we are confident we have the generator solutions to any circumstances that need our generator support.

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