Alter Generation is fully stocked with a wide range of lighting towers available for hire. Our extensive industry experience allows us to assess the worksite conditions and illumination needs to provide the optimum lighting solution for your company. Our light towers are regularly serviced to provide our client with a reliable lighting source to produce a productive and safe working environment. 

The benefits of light towers

Mobile equipment

The portability of an Alter Generation hired light tower is one of its most notable features. Our light towers have sturdy wheels for reliable traction that offer the portability to navigate rough terrain safely. The mobility of a light tower also helps avoid dark spots that fixed lighting often produces. The light tower can easily be repositioned to alter the spread of light to suit the space and possible lighting obstructions.

Durable design

Alter Generation understands that many of our customers need durable equipment due to the harsh environment that industries like mining and construction have to deal with daily. For this reason, the light towers Alter Generation provides are of the highest quality, with only the best brands being offered to our client. The solid structure of our light towers makes them suitable for most Australian locations with the durability to handle rigorous conditions.


When you hire a light tower from Alter Generation, we will provide step by step instructions on how to maneuver and operate the generator-powered equipment. Our light towers are user-friendly and easy to set up, with no specific training required. All workers can deliver an immediate lighting solution to avoid prolonged interruptions to work by following straightforward directions.

Expansive visibility

Alter Generation will assess your lighting needs and provide a light tower to ensure effective illumination on your work site. Our light towers produce expansive visibility from their ultra-bright lights to suit all construction, mining, engineering and maintenance projects.

Power source

A light tower runs off a built-in generator, which Alter Generation service regularly, that not only provides the power for lighting but also offers a 240V power supply. The addition of a power source on the light tower eliminates the inconvenience of providing a secondary generator when work in the vicinity of the light tower is performed.

Safety features

Alter Generation acknowledges that on-site safety is a priority for all companies and their employees. With safety in mind, Alter Generation only offers light towers from reputable brands and are professionally maintained by our qualified staff. All our light towers have level indicators to ensure stability, lockout switches for safe maintenance and e-stops for emergency situations.

Let Alter Generation light up your worksite

An Alter Generation light tower can transform a dark setting quickly and efficiently to improve worksite safety and produce the adequate lighting your project needs. Contact us today for your lighting solutions and let Alter Generation light up your worksite.

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