Poratble Generators

Portable generators are an excellent asset to all Australian companies, especially those working on mining and construction projects. Alter Generation has quality portable generators to benefit industries that require a source of power that is easy to operate and reliable. 

Our collection of portable generators are vital for emergencies, valuable in power outages and essential for jobs where mains electricity is unavailable.

The benefits of portable generators

Emergency response

In some circumstances, emergencies occur in locations where power is unavailable or where the emergency has forced electrical isolation or outage. A portable generator can play its part to supply sufficient power for essential emergency equipment and lighting. In remote locations, such as mining sites, all emergency response teams should have a portable generator as an emergency equipment requirement. It is also highly recommended to have a portable generator that can withstand Australia’s unrelenting and intense conditions

On the job

Alter Generation understands the importance of having readily available power on the job to ensure a project remains on schedule. Portable generators save a company time and money as it allows work to start promptly and be completed efficiently and safely. A portable generator is the perfect power solution when there is no mains power available, time-consuming power lead runs are needed, or extra power is required to allow a larger workforce to work simultaneously. 

Computer backup

Most companies rely on computers to function. Whether receiving job instructions, schematics and diagrams, completing reports, assessments and timesheets, or communicating with your employees, clients and contractors, a reliable online connection is paramount. A power outage to an office can stop production in its track. A portable generator can be a quick and easy fix to get your computer systems up and running to minimise delays until power returns.

Immediate response

When a power outage disrupts your worksite, not only does it affect your project schedule, but prolonged delays can also be financially damaging. A portable generator can prevent costly setbacks with an immediate power response at your disposal to soften the blow until power can be restored. A portable generator is a quick fix needed to keep light machinery and essential equipment running to minimise the disturbance to your project.

Food preservation

Alter Generation hopes to support industries working in remote locations where onsite camp living is common. In camp environments, kitchens rely on dependable power to ensure they can cater to the workers with precise planning to provide adequate food stocks. A power outage can derail these plans and affect the project significantly. However, a portable generator for backup power can bring peace of mind to all on-site, knowing they can preserve all food in the event of a blackout until power is restored or a long term solution is implemented.

Use Alter Generation’s portable generator expertise

Alter Generation has the expertise to supply you with the most suitable portable generator. A quick assessment of your requirements is all we need to select a portable generator with adequate power. Contact Alter Generation today and let us fulfil your portable generator needs.

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