Alter Generation specialises in power generation and has extensive experience servicing and maintaining used generators. We have the professionalism and experience to deliver used generator equipment to Australia’s construction, mining, engineering, and maintenance industries.

Alter Generation confidently offers our used generators to our customers. We know that our qualified personnel in our Townsville workshop have worked on the used generators we stock to produce high-performance equipment. Our used generators’ durability and reliability are reinforced, with the accumulated running hours not affecting their power output and fuel efficiency. 

Used generators are ideal for all Australian companies that need reliable power to support their worksite. They can be handy as immediate power support in an emergency or backup power in a power outage. And are also an affordable way to add to a company’s assets and infrastructure.

Used generators with a trusted brand

Alter Generation only supplies trusted used generator brands to our clients, understanding they need equipment that we believe is dependable and consistent. We research generator brands before procurement to ensure the product we are getting reflects our reliable services.

Our brand analysis gives Alter Generation the confidence that the used generators we supply to our customers are from respected generator companies with authentic generator parts. We also ensure that the quality parts are easily accessible for future repair and servicing purposes.

Generator brands Alter Generation uses:

Used diesel generators

Diesel generators are our speciality, and we supply our clients with the confidence our diesel generators are dependable and well-maintained. Our diesel generator range allows us to offer the right size unit for the task your business needs to achieve. 

Alter Generation only stock the best and most trusted generator brands, maintained and serviced by our qualified and experienced service technicians. We know each individual diesel generator’s capabilities and will provide our client with the most suitable option.

Diesel generators are a vital power source for many industries around Australia. They can be used as a collective, for example, as a power station to run a mining processing facility or to operate a dewatering pump station in an open cut mine. 

Diesel generators are also beneficial when power is only needed for a particular purpose, such as road infrastructure projects, shutdowns and drilling exploration sites. Undisputedly, diesel generators are a vital commodity as a backup power solution, so essential services and equipment can continue to operate in the event of a power interruption.

Examples where used diesel generators are applied:

Examples where used portable generators are vital:

Used portable generators

A used portable generator on a worksite can be vital to get through expected or unexpected difficulties. A used portable generator can be used in various circumstances, with its flexibility a standout feature. 

The user-friendly generating equipment is easy to transport and is something all Australian worksites should consider adding to their stocks. Our used portable generators are tough and robust to withstand the various settings they need to operate in. 

The benefits of a used portable generator to a business to fulfil power needs can be time-saving and cost-efficient. A used portable generator can be the saviour needed in a power outage to provide immediate power to prevent costly schedule delays. 

Our dependable used portable generators are professionally maintained and waiting to be used on your worksite. Alter Generation will assess your power needs and suggest used portable generator options to suit. We genuinely believe our used portable generators are an asset to any company that chooses to invest in one.

Used light towers (generator powered)

Alter Generation offers used light towers to provide adequate lighting results to all Australian worksites. Our reliable used light towers are professionally maintained with the used diesel generator serviced periodically by our qualified service technicians. 

The portability of the used light tower allows it to be used in many different scenarios, with its versatility being an appealing advantage. All users can follow the simple step by step directions provided to position and operate the used light tower as needed. 

Alter Generation’s industry experience enables us to supply Australian companies with used lighting towers that reliably and repeatedly provide lighting solutions. Our customers can use them individually or collectively to transform dark, hazardous space into functioning, safe worksite

Used light towers are ideal for remote, temporary or continuously moving jobs. Worksites can also position them to eliminate dark spots that fixed lighting can create. Used light towers are an invaluable asset during power outages.

Examples where used light towers are beneficial:

Used generators available for sale

Alter Generation has a vast range of used generators available for sale. All our used generators are maintained to the highest standard by our qualified generator service technicians. 

The Alter Generation team has the comprehensive experience to ensure all electrical and mechanical components of our used generators are in top condition. We also ensure that all parts previously replaced are authentic to provide the optimum generator performance expected. 

Our used generators are available to purchase, ideal for companies wanting to own their generators. Alter Generation trusted used generators and readily available parts allow us to offer a quality product to our customers that is affordable as it is priced according to its condition.

Alter Generation is here for your used generator needs

Alter Generation is an Australian business that is here for your used generator needs. When contacting Alter Generation, your used generator query will be answered personally by a member of our family-run business. 

We are confident we have the used generator solutions for your business. Contact Alter Generation today to learn about our used generator hire possibilities and sale opportunities.

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